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At Better House Guide, we provide comprehensive guides and reviews for all of your home needs. We take the time to study, test, and review products in depth for you because we know it can be hard to find the best product when there's so many options online. Our mission is to make the buying process a whole lot easier for you. We provide you with the specs, performance, best uses, and who the product is and isn't right for. The last thing anyone wants is to make a purchase and discover it's not the right one. We help you avoid the mistakes that waste both your time and your money by spending our days reviewing the best products and then providing you with our top picks and best advice.

On top of being experts in our fields, we're also avid online shoppers. So if we wouldn't use it on our own homes or pay for it with our own money, we wouldn't expect you to either.

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11 Unique Pallet Projects You Can Do This Weekend For Cheap

One of the great things about pallet's is that you can repurpose them into a variety of useful household items. From making them into herb gardens, to tables, and more, we'll show you a variety of ways you can reuse and repurpose wooden pallets into something that looks fantastic around the house. And if you […]

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How To Drill a Perfectly Vertical Hole Like a Pro

Drilling perfectly vertical holes is more than challenging. The drill bit's straight and wants to stay straight but when you add the weight of the drill with the speed of rotation, things can get a little hairy. But even if you don't have a drill press on hand, you can still drill perfectly straight holes. […]

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What is a Hammer Drill?

Whether you're taking on a new difficult project or you have a few simple around the house projects, a good hammer drill can come in handy. When you have a substance like stone, concrete, or brick to chip up or cut through, a quality hammer drill should be your go-to and its one of the […]

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How Do Hammer Drills Work?

If you've ever walked by a construction site and seen the guys drilling through concrete or stone, you've probably seen a hammer drill in action. Hammer drills work like a normal rotating drill except they have a "hammer" mechanism in them. This hammer pounds the back of the rotating drill bit allowing you to drill […]

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What is a Hammer Drill Used For?

Hammer drills are a type of drill that's used to drill into harder substances like brick, stone, and concrete. These drills are often used by construction workers and if you've ever walked by a construction site, you've probably seen one. Since they're a professional grade tool, it's hard to justify the expense if you're not […]

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How To Drill a Hole In Glass (Like The Pros) - Step-by-Step

Drilling a hole in glass Whether you’re hanging a mirror or making a DIY art piece, drilling a hole in glass is easy with the right tools and a few minute’s time. Many people avoid drilling through glass because they’re worried about getting hurt or breaking the glass. These are valid concerns and a good […]

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Power Tools

Reviews on all of the power tools every home DIY’er should have in their garage right now. Whether you’re looking for a new power drill, circular saw, or doing some woodworking and need a table saw, we have the best of those tools and many more. We’ll help you save time and money by making the right purchase for your needs and getting a reliable tool that performs the job properly the first time and every time.
5 Best Cabinet Table Saws For Every Skill Level

When you’re searching for the best cabinet table saw, you’ll quickly figure out that they’re expensive, big, and built to last for a very long time. Every workshop needs a table saw

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Need The Best Contractor Table Saw? Here Are The Top Ones Available Today

When you need to cut something serious and the typical jobsite table saw won’t do, you’ll need a contractors table saw to get the job done. Contractors table saws pack more power than the typical jobsite table saw and cut more accurately. That being said, they can range significantly in price and quality so in […]

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Best Hybrid Table Saw: The Only 7 Saws You Need To Look At

Buying a hybrid table saw is a big decision. They can cost several thousand dollars and they range in power, cutting accuracy, warranties, and several other important factors. Fortunately, we’ve reviewed a countless number of table saws in every category so you could say we’re more than qualified to help you find the best hybrid […]

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The Best Portable Table Saw: 7 Jobsite Saws That Will Change Your Life

If you use a table saw on a regular basis or have to cut things at a different location, then you’re going to need a portable table saw. The benefit being that you can take a portable saw with you anywhere whereas with the larger ones, you’re stuck in one spot. But there’s tons of […]

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The Best Table Saw Reviews: From Portable To Professional

Every home shop needs a table saw. But how do you choose the best table saw when there's so many to choose from? Whether you need a portable table saw or a larger professional grade cabinet table saw, we put together a list of the best ones for you. We show you why we love […]

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