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The Best Table Saw Reviews: From Portable To Professional

By: Brad Ormsby

Every home shop needs a table saw. But how do you choose the best table saw when there's so many to choose from? Whether you need a portable table saw or a larger professional grade cabinet table saw, we put together a list of the best ones for you. We show you why we love it, what makes it the best, and who should or shouldn't use each one. 

Let's get right to it...

In a Rush? Our Top Picks in Order:

Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw with Laser
Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw with Laser
Heavy duty, yet versatile and light weight for the jobsite, work shop, or cabinet shop; Most cutting depth of any saw in its class
Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Tablesaw - 10 Inch Jobsite Table Saw with 25 Inch Cutting Capacity and Portable Folding Table Stand
Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Tablesaw - 10 Inch Jobsite Table Saw with 25 Inch Cutting Capacity and Portable Folding Table Stand
Dimensions: 37.7" D x 29.4" W x 19.4" H | Product Weight: 110 lb; Constant Response circuitry – helps maintain speed under load
SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 In. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw
SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 In. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw
First ever brass-geared Worm Drive table saw for maximum power and torque; Self-aligning rip fence with on-tool storage for a true cut

What's The Right Way To Use a Table Saw

Table saws are extremely useful for ripping large sheets of wood, building cabinets, and just about any other woodworking project you can think of. They're not used for smaller cuts or detail work though. They're a workhorse that cuts larger sheets into smaller pieces with perfectly straight lines so you can then make your precision cuts with your other saws. 

When you're purchasing a table saw, you want to consider the size of the wood pieces you're working with. If you're working with full sheets of plywood at a job site, then you need a portable table saw with a table extension. You do not want your plywood hanging unsupported because this can cause safety issues as well as irregular cuts. 

If you're building cabinets or doing regular work that requires a table saw, then you may want a more sturdy cabinet table saw. However, these are not table saws that you can move around so you need a shop with a dedicated space to put them. They also come with a higher price tag than the portable saws because these are professional level tools. 

The Best Table Saws Reviewed

Based on our research and experience, we have found the best table saws available today. Each one is built to last, powerful, and with integrated safety features to ensure you can work without injury. 

Dewalt DW745 10-Inch Table Saw

DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw, 16-Inch Rip Capacity (DW745)
  • 22 kilograms unit weight and optimized footprint make this the most portable saw in its class. Shoe bevels 0 to 45 for beveled cuts
  • Steel roll cage protects saw against jobsite drops and impacts, rack and pinion fence system, front and rear fence lock and large, clear scales combine to give an extremely accurate and easy to use saw
  • Powerful 1850 Watt motor for high performance in all applications. Max Rip To Left Of Blade 12 inch. Max Rip To Right Of Blade 20 inch

Dewalt is a household name at this point and for good reason. They build tools that are highly durable, powerful, and affordable. The DW745 portable table saw is no stranger to ripping through wood with precision and speed. This model doesn't come with a stand and it's built for full sheets of plywood. It's built with a max rip of 20" to the left and 12" to the right so consider the size of the materials you're cutting prior to buying. If you're making cuts for home projects or need a portable table saw for quick cuts at the job site, this is a great choice. 

A few other notable features of this saw are that the top is specially coated to reduce friction, if has a 2 1/2 inch dust collection port, and a durable roll cage for added stability. 

Dewalt DW745 Features We Like:

  • 20" rip capacity
  • Weights just 45 lbs
  • 3,850 RPM
  • Rack & pinion telescoping fence rails are fast to adjust and reduce to make it easy to transport the saw.
  • 3-1/8 inch cut depth
  • 10" saw blade

Bosch Power Tools 4100 10" Table Saw

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Tablesaw - 10 Inch Jobsite Table Saw with 25 Inch Cutting Capacity and Portable Folding Table Stand
  • Powerful table saw – has 15-Amp saw with 4. 0 max HP and 3, 650 rpm, for rip-cutting and cross-cutting of fine and rough materials
  • Dimensions: 37.7" D x 29.4" W x 19.4" H | Product Weight: 110 lb
  • Large cast aluminum top – provides increased work space and material support with a 30 In. ripping capacity

Bosch is another very high quality brand known for making contractor tools that last. The 4100 table saw model features a 25" rip capacity which means you can cut up to a 4' piece of wood perfectly in half. If you need larger cuts, they also have this model with a 30" rip capacity so you can cut up to 5' boards down the middle. 

The integrated stand features 8" wheels for painless movement over uneven surfaces and the gravity rise stand allows you to quickly adjust table height and get to work. The stand is also collapsable so you can put it in the back of your truck without it tipping over during transport. 

A few other notable features are the one-tool blade changes which mean you can quickly change blades and the "soft start circuitry" which regulates the intensity of the motor when you start the saw to reduce the risk of tripping circuits. 

Bosch 4100 Features We Like:

  • 3,650 RPM
  • 25" rip capacity
  • Weighs 60 lbs
  • 10" saw blade
  • 3-1/8" cut depth
  • Smart Guard System and anti-kickback pawls
  • Included stand

SKIL 3410-02 Table Saw

SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand
  • 20-inch x 26-inch cast aluminum table extends to 20-inch x 32-inch for longer work pieces
  • 3-1/2-Inch cut height capacity for cutting through 4x materials
  • Heavy-duty steel stand for fast setup and easy transport. Bevel angle range:0° to 47°

The SKIL 3410-02 is a great beginners option table saw and offers excellent power for the money. It lacks a few of the more convenient features such as built in transport wheels and weighs 67 lbs so it's pretty heavy. But if you simply need an affordable work horse for your garage shop, it's a good table saw. 

There are a few sacrifices though. The fence doesn't  always lock perfectly parallel with the blade and it does have a little wobble with it. It's also difficult to adjust the fence which can be a pain. It does, however, have anti-kickback technology and a blade guard to keep your hands safe which is a must with this equipment. Overall, there's nothing overly remarkable about the SKIL 3410-02 but its a good value for the money and will accommodate any beginning wood worker or work as a back up for job sites. 

SKIL 3410-02 Features We Like:

  • 5,000 RPM
  • Steel folding stand
  • Weighs 67 lbs
  • 3 - 1/2 inch cut depth
  • 10" saw blade
  • 25" rip capacity

Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw With Laser

Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw with Laser
  • Heavy duty, yet versatile and light weight for the jobsite, work shop, or cabinet shop
  • Most cutting depth of any saw in its class
  • Folding fence for extra wide cuts

The Rockwell RK7242S might be my favorite saw for home projects. It has everything you need including an extra wide rip capacity for cutting up to 5' boards perfectly in half. It also has a built in dust collection bag on the bottom for keeping a clean workshop, a laster guide for accurate cutting, a deep cut depth, and powerful motor. 

If you ever do need to bring it somewhere, it breaks down and sets up very easily. The stand legs fold down and the wheels allow you to walk the saw with you like a piece of luggage. The rails fold out, the guide clips right on with a one motion clamp, and you can get to work again in about 30 seconds. Overall, it's an excellent portable table saw for both home users and construction sites. 

Rockwell RK7241S Features We Like:

  • Deep cut depth 3-9/16 inches can cut through a 4 x 4 wood block on one pass
  • Laser guide for accurate lines and cuts
  • 30" rip capacity
  • Included dust collection bag
  • Built in stand and transport wheels
  • 4,800 RPM
  • 88 lbs
  • 10" saw blade

Makita 2705 10" Table Saw

Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw
  • Powerful 15.0 AMP motor delivers 4,800 RPM
  • ""Tool-less"" modular blade guard system with an adjustable riving knife/spreader
  • Blade guard assembly with cam lock provides easy ""tool-less"" installation or removal

The Makita 2705 features anti kickback technology, an aluminum high durability surface, clear blade guard so you can see your lines when cutting, and tool-less blade guard. With it's high RPM, deep cutting capability, and powerful motor, you can rip through 4' plywood sheets quickly and accurately. 

It doesn't come with a stand, though, so this is a stay at home saw for the most part. Although, if you do need to transport it to a job site, the blade can be stored within the saw (below the table surface) to prevent the blade from being damaged during transport.

The Makita also features an easy rail guided rip fence for cutting through wider sheets of plywood.  

 If you want a powerful table saw for your home workshop that doesn't need a lot of maintenance, the Makita is a trustworthy brand and saw. 

Makita 2705 Features We Like:

  • 10" saw blade
  • 4,800 RPM
  • 3 - 9/16 inch cut depth
  • Weighs 82 lbs
  • 25" rip capacity

SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 In. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw
  • First ever brass-geared Worm Drive table saw for maximum power and torque
  • 15 Amp solid construction dual-field motor for increased cutting speed and extended motor life
  • 25 inch rip capacity and 3-1/2 inch depth of cut for ripping a wide variety of materials; Fit Dado blades with the Skilsaw SPTA70WT-DD Dado Insert (Sold separately)

The SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 is a great workshop saw and, even though it doesn't come with a stand, it's one of the most lightweight options so it's easy to bring to a job site. It features a powerful 15 AMP motor with the highest RPM of any saw on this list. The worm drive in the saw features larger teeth, a stable driving system, and a powerful cutting capacity. There's also a built in dust collection port so you can easily connect a vacuum host and keep your shop clean. It's 25" rip capacity means you can cut through 4' boards with no trouble. And I have to say, it's also a pretty sleek looking table saw that looks great on any shop table. 

SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 Features We Like:

  • 10" saw blade
  • 3-1/2 cut depth
  • 25" rip capacity
  • 5,300 RPM
  • 49 lbs.


DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw, 32-1/2-Inch Rip Capacity (DWE7491RS)
  • Your purchase includes one Dewalt table saw, 10inch 24-tooth carbide blade, rolling stand, push stick, miter gauge, rip fence, 2x blade wrenches, blade guard assembly manual
  • Other Specs: Max rip to left of blade – 22inch | Max rip to right of blade – 32-1/2inch | Max width of Dado – 13/16inch | Arbor size – 5/8inch | Amps – 15 | Depth of cut at 45inch – 2-1/4inch | Depth of cut at 90° – 3-1/8inch | No Load Speed: 4800 RPM
  • Rolling stand designed for easy set up and breakdown with excellent stability

The Dewalt DWE7491RS is a powerful portable table saw with high RPM, a powerful motor, and a built-in folding stand. The legs fold out or down and it has built in oversized wheels that make it easy to walk it through job sites on uneven ground. The rack and pinion telescoping fence adjusts for a 32 - 1/2" rip capacity that lets you rip through large sheets of wood with little trouble. It also features a 2-1/2" dust collection port to connect your shop vac.

What makes it different? The motor specs are roughly the same as most of the other portable saws on this list. However, it has a huge rip capacity so if you need to cut larger boards, this is a great option.

DEWALT DWE7491RS Features We Like:

  • 10" blade size
  • 32 - 1/2 inch rip capacity
  • 3 - 1/8 inch cut depth
  • 4,800 RPM
  • 110 lbs

Grizzly Industrial G1023RL - Cabinet Table Saw

Grizzly Industrial G1023RL - 10" 3 HP 240V Cabinet Table Saw
  • Motor: 3HP, 240V, single-phase, 14A, 3450 RPM
  • Solid cast iron table is first heat treated for strength then milled perfectly flat & ground to a mirror-like finish
  • Table size (with 2 solid extension wings attached) is 40" x 27"

If you're a cabinet maker and you need a professional level, dedicated shop table saw, the Grizzly offers an affordable commercial grade option. It's not cheap, but its a great value. It has a 3" cutting depth at 90 degrees and 2-1/8" at a 45 degree angle. A few other notable features about the Grizzly are that it has a powder coated paint job, oversized shut off switch, quick release blade guard, perfectly parallel shop fence, and oversized angle & depth adjustment wheels. 

When it comes to professional shop table saws, the Grizzly is a great value for the cost. 

Grizzly G1023RL Features We Like:

  • 3 HP motor
  • Encapsulated dust collection
  • 3,450 RPM
  • 10" saw blade

SAWSTOP 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw

SawStop 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw, 3-HP, 52-Inch Professional TGlide Fence System (PCS31230-TGP252)
  • 52-INCH T-GLIDE FENCE ASSEMBLY: The 52-inch T-Glide Fence & Rail are made of heavy-gauge steel for sure lockdown and reliably square cutting for years without deflection.
  • SAWSTOP PATENTED SAFETY SYSTEM: Stops a spinning blade on contact with skin. The blade stops in less than 5 milliseconds, and drops below the table, minimizing a potentially life-altering injury to a mere scratch.
  • UNMATCHED QUALITY: The trunnion and arbor are built for precision, strength and stability. The gas piston elevation delivers smooth and easy adjustability. Table flatness is measured diagonally at 0. 010” maximum gap.

The SAWSTOP is a premium professional grade table saw. The safety features alone make this worth the month. It has a patented safety system that stops the blade within 5 milliseconds of contacting the skin which means you'll get less than a paper-cut if you come in contact with it. 

It also has a dust capture system that captures 99% of the dust created by the saw. Since sawdust has been labeled as a carcinogen this is almost a requirement if you spend your days in the shop cutting wood. Overall, if you're looking for the cream of the crop table saw, this is it. 

SAWSTOP Features We Like:

  • Patented safety system - stops blade on contact with skin
  • 3 HP motor
  • 3-1/8 inch cut depth
  • 515 lbs
  • 99% dust capture

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